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National Solo Exhibition 2014

The Danish artist Anne Haaning received the jury’s national solo award for the work How to Other (2012). In keeping with the tradition of The Spring Exhibition, Haaning has therefore been given free artistic rein in her own room in the historical exhibition halls of Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

Delete is the title of Anne Haaning’s newly created contribution to this year’s exhibition. The work is a large video installation based on the interaction between two types of memory: the human and the digital.Through the work, the artist strives to create a situation in which the audience is physically and mentally caught in and made unsure of the transition between the subjective memory of human consciousness, and the objective storage of the digital. Materially, Delete unites the physical and the virtual, and in this way confronts the viewer with a hybrid form of memory that lies between the human and the digital.

The spinning chairs in the work are intended to provide an interactive counterpart to the traditional benches in exhibitions. For the audience, the chairs function as mobile devices of editing the video material, which incorporates a range of digital representations of the chairs. Anne Haaning uses these elements to bridge the concrete, defined space in which the work is installed with the intangible and infinite universe that unfolds in the projections.

Delete underlines how pervasive and blurred our relationship with the digital world has become: how our perception of representation, space and reality isn’t only limited to the tropes of the physical and sensory, but also evolves from what we experience in the digital sphere.

“Delete and forgetting as remembering and saving seem to be unavoidably linked. In a time that is marked by our growing dependence on digital storage (and its side effects thereof) I’m on a quest to investigate what happens when we replace our human capacity of remembering and forgetting with objectivised data. Is there perhaps more to remembering than storing, and more to forgetting than deleting?” (Anne Haaning)


Anne Haaning. Born in Denmark in 1977. Lives and works in London, England. Education: The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Architecture School, Copenhagen (2004), MFA, Goldsmiths University, London, England (2012). Selected exhibitions: Group exhibition What Will They See of Me?, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow and London (2014), group exhibition GamingGaming, New Shelter Plan, Copenhagen (2014), The Spring Exhibition, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen (2012 and 2013).

Work details: Delete. Dual projection, 9:14 min. Materials: Two wooden frames covered with rear projection canvas, two spinning chairs. Year: 2014.