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The Jury Award

The winner of the Jury Award 2012 is Jan Ijäs (FI, 1975) with two video works 'Sweet Mov(i)e' and 'Two Islands'.

The award is a recognition of supreme artistic quality and present-day relevance at the exhibition. The award also includes a sum of 10.000 DKK which is provided by Helle and Arent Jacobsen award for emerging young artists.

The jury’s motivation:

Jan Ijäs, who has been given the jury’s cash award for an emerging young artist, takes on a wide range of political issues in his videos, that he puts together with well crafted precision. He receives the award for his two video works, the first which re-uses recordings from the internet involving rituals of simulated intercourse, which he combines with a pumping Finnish found soundtrack.

The other video is a black and white melancholic meditation on the Fresh Kills rubbish dump and Staten Island, using footage that he has shot himself. The jury was impressed with his choice of the low tech media, the diversity between the two works and his wide range of socio-political subject matter that signals a promising future in video.

Sweet Mov(i)e (2011)

Still Photo: Jan Ijäs

Artist's statement:
The work, Sweet Mov(i)e (2011), is recycled web video footage of people doing dance moves alone in front of the camera. The movements don’t necessarily suggest sexual intercourse; they rather simulate it.

Two Islands (2012)

Still Photo: Jan Ijäs

Artist's statement:
The work, Two Islands (2012), consists of film sequences focussing on two enormous garbage dumps in NYC, the first one is now a closed-down ordinary waste dump which, at a certain moment in time, was the largest in the world, while the second is a cemetery of unknown contents – and is still in use. The Two Islands film bluntly asks: what does the existence of these two huge mountains of economic and social waste and rejected surplus tell us about our civilisation and about the ‘richest nation in the world’, and what kind of legacy will the archaeologists see in them when they study them a few centuries from now?

As last year the jury was given the task of recommending 10 artists for the award, and among them to select a winner.

The 10 nominated artists: Christina Schou Christensen (DK), Biba Fibiger (DK), Jan Ijäs (FI), Katrine Kofoed Kristensen (DK), Gilles T. Lacombe (FR), Nkule Mabaso (ZA), Dorte Marcussen (DK), Gemma Marmalade (GB), Nicholas Sparre- Ulrich (DK) og Kari Steihaug (NO).