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International solo exhibition 2014

The Charlottenborg Spring exhibition Solo Award 2103 was awarded to the Finnish artist Camilla Vuorenmaa, who had created a series of large-scale, roughly hewn woodcuts. The artist has chosen to use the solo exhibition she has been awarded to present a combined series of new, significant woodcuts and colourful paintings.

Camilla Vuorenmaa has drawn inspiration for the works in Dreamers from her recent residency in Mexico. The series is based on the artist’s own experiences during her time in Mexico, as well as a series of Mexican photographs, some of them everyday scenes, and others from periods of war. The woodcut A man on the crossroads portrays the artist’s wealthy, eccentric – and according to some slightly mad – neighbour in Mexico, whilst the painting Día de Muertos depicts a scene from a local cemetery on the major Mexican holiday Day of the Dead, when the dead are remembered and celebrated.

From a purely material perspective, Camilla Vuorenmaa’s characteristic woodcuts inspire several interesting considerations. Traditionally, the woodcut has played a secondary role as a tool in creating the actual work of art – the graphic print on paper. In the work of Vuorenmaa, the woodcut is transformed from being part of the process with a purely functional value, to having an aesthetic quality in its own right. By halting the artistic process, and inviting us to linger on the raw and almost incomplete expressiveness of the woodcut, the works lead to a discussion of the relationship between copy and original, between utility and art.

In addition, Camilla Vuorenmaa’s experiments with the rough and often unpredictable traces of the chisel in the soft, glued pine planks can be seen to provide a contrast to the general development of contemporary visual culture, where the need to create increasingly high resolutions and use advanced tools to re-edit and instantly share images are taken for granted. With her conscious reintroduction of natural materials as the subject for her aesthetic investigations, and through the thematic alternation between her own experiences and historic found photographs, Camilla Vuorenmaa creates a dialogue in both material and content between the present and the past.


Camilla Vuorenmaa. Born in Tampere, Finland in 1979. Lives and works in Espoo and Helsinki, Finland. Education: Master of Visual Arts, The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts (2005). Selected exhibitions: The Spring Exhibition, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark (2013), Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden (2012), Piilotettu paikka (Hidden Place), Gallery Huuto Viiskulma, Helsinki, Finland (2011), Young Artists Biennale, Kunsthalle Helsinki, Finland (2005). Awards: Finnish Art Society, Young Artists Biennale Award (2005).