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Charlottenborg Foundation

Charlottenborg Foundation and the Spring Exhibition
In 1857 it was decided to establish a self-supporting exhibition committee that was independent of the Academy of Fine Arts and that was to be responsible for the annual Spring Exhibition at Charlottenborg. This marked the beginning of the institution now called Charlottenborg Foundation. Ever since 1857, the foundation has been responsible for the Spring Exhibition, and since 1900 for the Charlottenborg Autumn Exhibition as well. From the outset, the most important aim of the foundation has been to promote and support art – especially recent works. Throughout its existence, Charlottenborg Foundation has regularly changed its organisation and management system, though without deviating from its original values and objective. It is still recent art, architecture and art craft/design that it seeks to promote – and will continue to do so in the future.

Kunsthal Charlottenborg
In spring 2006, a major process of change began at the Charlottenborg Exhibition Building. The Ministry of Culture issued a new executive order for the institution, and a new board and director were appointed to collaborate on changing and revitalising the Charlottenborg Exhibition Building both nationally and internationally. These are changes that have been welcomed by Charlottenborg Foundation as they are in accordance with the subject- and public-related ambitions the Fund is striving to achieve. As part of this process of change, the Charlottenborg Exhibition Building has changed its name to Kunsthal Charlottenborg. This has also laid the foundation for a new dialogue concerning future cooperation between Charlottenborg Foundation and Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

Dialogue and collaboration
From 2008, Charlottenborg Foundation and Kunsthal Charlottenborg are thus involved in a new, close collaboration, where the Spring Exhibition is retained, although in a fundamentally reconceived form – it will in future be a hybrid between the Spring and the Autumn Exhibition. The aim is to create a new, better and more ambitious exhibition that also in the years ahead will be one that sets the agenda, has its finger on the pulse of things and attracts a large public.