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Christina Schou Christensen (born 1973) recieves the National Solo Award 2012

In connection with her preparations for this exhibition, the Danish ceramist Christina Schou Christensen has been artist-in-residence at the Danish Guldagergaard. Here she experimented with extruding glazings. Usually glazing is used for protecting ceramic objects. But it can also be used as a shaping element in connection with the ceramic objects? Is it possible to shape the glazing before firing, during firing or after firing? Through many attempts and experiments Christina Schou Christensen has studied glazing's shaping qualities. Ceramic containers, glazings with different viscosity degrees and different temperatures provide the setting in which the glazing smelting takes place – out of reach and with surprising results. 

Christina Schou Christensen works with glazing samples to find the best glazing for her final objects. In this case the glazing samples turn into final objects – each of them become small manifestations of which impact, the many factors have on the glazing. We can only guess what will happen to the glazing during firing, which can only be revealed after each individual firing. Thus the processes in the kiln somehow become a very detailed sketch process. As the sketches generate a picture of what may happen, it becomes possible to use the results in large objects. 
The exhibition includes a number of these experiments. You find experiments with different types of test objects – from the simple, industrial objects to objects which are more organic.