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The Danish Solo Award: Anne Haaning

The Danish Solo Award was given to the Danish artist Anne Haaning who lives in the UK. Anne Haaning participates in the Spring Exhibition 2013 with her short video "How to Other" in which she searches the underlying structures of filmic representation in the modern digital medium. Both the photographic and filmic picture are said to kill its subject to become complete as an object; as a realistic representation. And it is here from this paradoxical relation between subject and object – depicted and depiction – Anne Haaning's work starts. But she attacks the relation from behind and treats the picture's murder act from beyond, from the kingdom of death and the dead, which is animated and emerges as life by way of a high definition 3D animation – as a motion picture.
It looks as if the video is recorded with iShowU – a programme which can record the computer work directly from the screen interface to a hard disk without a camera – and apparently documenting a 3D workshop where the voice of the teacher has been edited together with a story about the intersection of subjects and objects in the virtual-digital room. However, it does not seem as if the teacher is aware of the fact that he is part of the shootings for a work of art so he offers spontaneous exclamations and comments to the working process. Through her editing Anne Haaning absorbs and hybridisates the comments in the same way as subject and object are being hybridisated in the 3D processing. Thus she visualises how the basic multi-stringed features of the video medium – its many layers and clips – are edited/folded together to one string in the editing process. How the motion picture is an animated size in every possible way: A ghost, a zombie, a Frankenstein's monster. And she uses the HD medium and its own agent by way of the teacher searching the digital reality and lawfulness which prevails here as she discloses the animation's fluctuations between death and living, between object and subject.
The Jury gives Anne Haaning the Danish Solo Award in the hope that she can contribute with a weighty and important analysis of the representation – and thus by the relation of visual arts to the commercial representation culture – in the digital era. And we look forward to seeing how she will manage to build a bridge between the virtual room and the historical halls of Charlottenborg with her solo exhibition at the Spring Exhibition 2014.