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The Spring Exhibition 2014

North Wing + Antechamber + Mezzanine
April 10th – May 18th 2014
Press View: Thursday April 10th from 1 – 3pm
Opening: Thursday April 10th from 7 – 10pm
The exhibition is arranged by Charlottenborg Fonden

The Spring Exhibition is an open, juried exhibition that has been an important annual event in Charlottenborg's programme for 157 years. The Spring Exhibition is organized by the private institution Charlottenborg Fonden.

The Spring Exhibition 2014 is shown at the same time as a presentation of the work of the American artist Kerry James Marshall. This year the exhibition area has therefore been reduced, and as a result the jury of Charlottenborg Fonden have been even more rigorous in making their selection from the submitted entries.

The Spring Exhibition 2014 presents artists from throughout the world. Many are from Denmark and Northern Europe, but artists from countries like Brazil, Canada and New Zealand are behind some of the exhibited works from the fields of visual art, architecture and design.

Two tendencies dominate in the works selected for this year’s exhibition: Numerous artists have chosen a more abstract form, just as many have chosen to return to more traditional media like painting, woodcuts and textiles. Yet despite these common features, the works in the exhibition range widely in content, form and size, from Maja Qvarnström and Erik Lagerwall’s voluminous, gloomy total installation, to Valérie Collart’s compelling monochromatic photographs of sculptural objects.

Participating artists
A total of 696 artists submitted works for The Spring Exhibition 2014. Of these, 49 were invited to show a total of 73 works.

The participating artists are: Solveig Aalberg (NO), Mads Aarøe (SE), Kristina Daukintyte Aas (LT/NO), Edith Abel-Dakovic (CAN/DE), Jesse Ahlers (NL), Stig Kaj Aunfelt (DK), Kenneth Michael Bergfeld (DE), Erik Berglin & Clement Valla (SE/US), Ene Bissenbakker (DK), Catrine Christensen (DK), Julie Clifforth (DK), Valérie Collart (DK/FR), Noam Dover & Michal Cederbaum (IL), Maria Franck (DK), Louise Secher Gaarmann (DK), Ninna Gøtzsche (DK), Ulla Hase (DE/BE), Janne K. Hansen (DK), Dick Hedlund (SE), Hanne Helms (DK), Benjamin Houlihan (DE), Daniel Jacoby (NL), Anette Jensen (DK), Herdis Jensen (DK), Karin Karlsson (SE), Dagmar Kestner (DE/RU), Janne Kruse (DK/NO), Kumiho (AT), Nynne Hauge Larsen (DK), Gemis Luciani (DE), Jytte Kornbeck Løppenthin (DK), Janine Magelssen (NO), Bo Magnus (NO), Lucy McMillan (NZL/DE), Birgitte Munk (DK), Ulla Pedersen (DK), Maja Qvarnström & Erik Lagerwall (SE), Kristoffer Raasted (DK), Lulu Refn (DK), Max Hooper Schneider (US), Lotte Rose Kjær Skau (DK), Lise Junker Tang (DK), Aimée Terburg (NL), Lise Uhrskov (DK), Mona Vander (DK), Austin Voll (US), Hanne Mago Wiklund (SE), Josephine Winther (DK) and Kiyoshi Yamamoto (BRA/JP).

Jury and awards
The works in The Spring Exhibition 2014 have been selected by an international jury comprised of the curator Esperanza Rosales (US/NO), the artist Malene Landgreen (DK), the artist Jonas Raam (SE), the architect Morten Meldgaard (DK) and the designer Marie-Louise Kristensen (DK). As well as selecting the works, the jury has also nominated ten artists for this year’s jury awards: The National Solo Award, The International Solo Award, and the jury’s special award of Helle & Arenth Jacobsen’s Grant for Young Artists. This year’s winners will be publically announced during speeches on the opening night. The jury’s special award is accompanied by 10,000DKK, and the solo awards by an invitation to exhibit in their own room at The Spring Exhibition next year.

The ten artists nominated for this year’s awards are: Solveig Aalberg (NO), Kenneth Michael Bergfeld (DE), Valérie Collart (DK), Louise Secher Gaarmann (DK), Dick Hedlund (SE), Herdis Jensen (DK), Maja Qvarnström & Erik Lagerwall (SE), Lotte Rose Kjær Skau (DK), Aimée Terburg (NL) and Hanne Mago Wiklund (SE).

The solo award exhibitions 2014
The Spring Exhibition 2014 includes two solo exhibitions by the winners of last year’s solo awards. The Danish architect Anne Haaning, winner of The National Solo Award, exhibits the video installation Delete in the Mezzanine, and the Finnish artist Camilla Vuorenmaa, winner of The International Solo Award exhibits her colourful woodcuts in the Antechamber exhibition space.

Organisation and supporting Bodies
The Spring Exhibition is produced by The Charlottenborg Foundation. This year’s exhibition has been generously supported by Kunsthal Charlottenborg, The Danish Arts Foundation, The Committee for Visual Art in Copenhagen, Knud Højgaard Fond, L.F. Foght Fond, Aage & Johanne Louis-Hansen’s Fond, Augustinus Fond, The Dreyer Fond, Helle & Arenth Jacobsen’s Grant for Young Artists, 71 Nyhavn Hotel, Aperol, as well as Max Graef & Muff Deep (Tartelet Records).

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue with a survey of all the participating artists, a statement by the jury, as well as a citation for the choice of the jury award winners in The Spring Exhibition 2014.

Press and media
From 1pm on Thursday April 10th photographs of the exhibition can be downloaded from the homepage of Charlottenborg Fonden www.foraarsudstillingen.dk or via the following link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sgsjv2cdhei3nez/iOjZQCCc2x
If you have any press inquiries please contact Mette Skov: + 45 40 28 29 41 /mette@charlottenborg-fonden.dk

Opening hours and tickets
Tuesday - Sunday 11am – 5pm, Wednesdays 11am – 8pm
Tickets: 60DKK / Students 40DKK / Senior citizens 40DKK/ Groups 40DKK

Kunsthal Charlottenborg
Nyhavn 2
1051 Copenhagen K

Information: + 45 33 36 90 50



Hanne Mago Wiklund, Att bevara ett ögonblick som inte kan återupplevas, 2013


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THE JURY AWARD 2014 is granted by:
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