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Esperanza Rosales (curator, NO/NY)
Is an artist, writer and curator from New York. She owns and operates the gallery 'Vl VII on Greenland' in Oslo. Between 2009 and 2011 she was working at the gallery Dependanc in Brussel. She has also contributed with writings to art magazines such as Italian Mousse and British Frieze.

Malene Landgreen (Artist, DK)
Danish artist, graduated from Fine Arts Academies in Budapest and Copenhagen 1987-94. The exploration of space and light and the potential of color has been her focus through her carrier. With its simple effects and powerful colors Landgreen has moved far beyond the frame of the painting. In the 'in situ projects' she decorates and colors large spaces, among other Aalborg Airport (2001), Novo Nordisk (2002), DR City (2006-08) and New Post Terminal in Oslo (2009). She has painted art up on a large scale and has established herself as one of the most sked for in Denmark when it comes to putting color on our everyday surroundings. Landgreen received Eckersbergs Medal in 2006 and numerous other awards.

Jonas Raam (Artist, SE)
Jonas Raams work is a subjective story writing in pictures. He is inspired by the irrational and contradictory stream of images in our time. From sources such as the Internet, newspapers, books and own photographs, he generates imagery that involve issues such as sociality, culture, power, politics, psychology and symbolism. By selecting images from these different media and take them out of their context, and then put them into a different context, he constructs a new meaning. The selection does not follow any solid or thematically form. The material is presented in visual structures without directly relation to one particular story or sequence. The idea is to tell the most complex story as possible, both on the outer and inner level, and thereby achieve a richly detailed network of different association options for the viewer.

Morten Meldgaard (Architect, DK)
Filmmaker, architect and PhD specialized in film and architecture. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in 1997, the Danish Film School Documentary Department in 2003 and works today at the School of Architecture in Copenhagen as a writer, researcher and teacher. His PhD thesis "gaze construction" 2009 gathers this multifaceted experience in a field of research that studies the space and the time impact on the production of artistic statements. This refers specifically to the effect of the montage on movies as well as the architecture, in the clipboard as well as on the drawing board. Alongside this, Morten Meldgaard has his own filmmaking practice in collaboration with Anne Wivel and the film company Barok. As a director and photographer the documentary "Kim" (2009) is Meldgaards debut.

Marie Louise Kristens (Designer, DK)
Graduated from the Institute of Precious Metals 2004. Since 2007 guest lecturer at the School of Visual Arts. Exhibition activities home and abroad. She has since her graduation worked thematically and project oriented. The hallmark of her work is that she transforms the things and concepts that surround us, and the thoughts she has about our being, to a jewelry statement about the world we live in. Materials, form and scale, are natural building blocks to achieve nuances and sensations in her wordless stories, and her works are in their 3-dimentionality rich in material composition and details.